F72A / F72B Electronic Air Cleaner



 The F72 manual clean in-line electronic air cleaners offers commercial kitchen exhaust functionality with the same high efficiency performance as the F61 AutoClean electrostatic cleaner but without the self-wash feature. The F72 exhaust unit is ideal for in-line restaurant exhaust systems that are lighter duty in nature and don’t require frequent cleaning. The F72 is also offered with rooftop exhaust packages and customizable to meet any size or efficiency requirements. Also available with activated carbon modules for odor filtration.      

The F72 in-line electronic air cleaner removes airborne particles such as cooking smoke, grease, tobacco smoke, dust, soot, pollen, and bacteria from incoming, recirculating, or exhaust air. The F72 is mounted inline in the return air duct of a forced air system, the exhaust of a ventilation system, or within a commercial kitchen exhaust grease duct. One or two electronic cells within the filtration system remove airborne contaminants with up to 99 percent efficiency. Rooftop or interior mounted, the F72 is modular and can be configured for an infinite capacity. Outdoor insulated enclosures, odor control modules and blower/controls packages are available. Replacement parts for our commercial kitchen air cleaning units are also available.

F72 Electronic Filter Owner's Manual

F72 Manual Clean Owners manual (pdf)