Pollution Control Units for Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust

 With over 45 years of experience in the air filtration business, Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems has a reputation for providing high quality, competitively priced air filtration equipment; and our line of restaurant kitchen exhaust pollution control units are no exception. We offer Air Quality Engineering electrostatic PCUs and AtmosAir Bipolar Ion Generators.


As you research PCUs, you’ll find that our compact modular design packages utilizing electrostatic precipitator technology, feature a very low static pressure and low power consumption with washable, reusable filters. The standard pollution control units and the automatic washdown PCUs are engineered to have a small footprint and high efficiency (up to 99.9% at 1 micron particle size) than competitors, and are available in systems ranging from 1,000 to 40,000 CFM.  

Our low cost manual clean PCUs and self cleaning PCU systems represent the smallest sized systems that can be installed where competitive “school bus” sized equivalent packages cannot!  

Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems has dozens of our PCU filtration solutions installed throughout the U.S., including Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD) & Washington (DC).

These  are some of the restaurants using our kitchen pollution control units: 

Chipotle (multiple) 

Smith & Wollensky 

Boloco’s (multiple) 

Trade Restaurant 

Tasty Burger (multiple) 

Qdoba (multiple) 


Shop House (multiple)

Al's Tech Square Deli


Commonwealth Restaurant 


Bubby’s Deli 

Café de Boston 

Flafel King 

Kika Restaurant 

Piperi Restaurant 

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Ozone Technology in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration

White paper with analysis done on the use of ozone for smoke, grease & odor filtration in restaurant and commercial kitchen exhaust.

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Overview

Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Overview (pdf)


Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Filtration

Cost Effective Filtration & Odor Control


Initial outlay and long-term operating costs are the lowest of all comparable units industry wide! Simply set the AutoClean programmer to wash away the heavy build up on the dirty cells late at night to get the system ready for more loading when the restaurant begins cooking the next day.

Space Saving Flexibility in Design & Ventless Convenience


Small footprint allows unit to be fit where competing models won't. Modular package allows the PCU to be located above the kitchen area and the odor filters can go elsewhere in your design!

Ventless hoods and appliances allow commercial kitchen production without the need for outside venting.

Superior Project Consulting & Unmatched Customer Service


Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems meets with all contractors prior to the actual install to go over the equipment and answer any questions they might have. Additionally, stand ready to assist during the installation, if needed, and we’re at the site for every start up! This on-site partnering and communicating ensures a trouble free installation experience for all involved.

AutoClean Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaner Wash Sequence

Check out this great video of the AutoClean wash sequence!