About Us

Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems

Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems and Air Filtration Systems have been working together to provide commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems and services for many years! With locations in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Florida we are well equipped to serve Customers throughout the United States.  Our current commercial kitchen exhaust designs were developed by Honeywell Corporation’s engineering experts in the early 1970’s. Today, we continue using Honeywell components (electrostatic cells and high voltage power supplies) to capitalize on decades of superior commercial kitchen smoke, grease and odor elimination.

Superior, hands on customer service

Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems (REFS) has experienced air filtration engineering personnel who work closely with all customer contractors before and during each and every installation at the job site. These relationships are maintained throughout the installation process to make certain all disciplines are comfortable with the PCU package and their installation role. At the completion of each installation, REFS personnel work closely with the contractors to perform a final inspection and run through a start up sequence, to ensure the system is performing as designed.

Cost Effective Fitration Solutions

Restaurant Exhaust Filtration Systems provides the most cost-effective restaurant & commercial kitchen smoke, grease & odor filtration solutions available, from initial cost, to short and long term operating & maintenance costs. Factory trained and certified support personnel are available to assist with any questions when/if necessary.