F61 AutoClean Series: Self-Washing Electrostatic Air Cleaner



The AutoClean Series of restaurant kitchen exhaust Pollution Control Units (PCU), will remove up to 99.9% of odors, smoke, grease and other pollutants, thereby eliminating many city and state environmental code problems & potential complaints from area residents and businesses.   

The F61 (AutoClean) Electrostatic Air Cleaner is modular and can be configured to achieve most airflow capacity and efficiency requirements. AutoClean is an in-line electrostatic air cleaner with an integral, dynamic in-place self wash system and programmable controller, It collects smoke and odors all day then self washes in the wee hours of the morning getting ready for more filtration collection when the store re-opens. The F61 AutoClean is available in multiple sizes and is customizable to meet your air filtration needs.

Auto Wash System


The F61 AutoClean features a dynamic fan spray wash system that uses a multi-jet wash manifold that both rotates and traverses the electronic collector cells to insure complete coverage and maximum wash results. Most competitive kitchen exhaust units have a fixed, coned shaped wash systems that spray the collector cells with fixed spray nozzles that don’t get adequate coverage over the entire surface of collector fins which results in incomplete cleanings, lower operating efficiency and more frequent required cleanings.  

Our programmable wash sequence controller is user-adjustable allowing daily/weekly clean cycles along with control over the amount of detergent used, length of shut down, wash and rinse cycles. Complete kitchen exhaust packages for the electronic air cleaners are also available that include rooftop skid, outdoor insulated weather enclosure, lifting lugs and all necessary transitions. The F61 AutoClean offers impressive restaurant kitchen exhaust performance with a comparably lower price than electrostatic air cleaners offered by the leading competitors.

F61 Autoclean Owner's Manuals

F61 AutoClean Manuals 

Before 11/8/2018 (Right)

After 11/8/2018 (Left)

F61 Autoclean Owner's Manual After 11_8_18 (pdf) (pdf)


F61 Autoclean Owner's Manual Before 11_8_18 (pdf)